Resources for Change

Our society is today cultivating single vision, and the desensitization and the dehumanization that we feel all around us is a kind of sleep or death of awareness and conscience. We must revive in people a habit of double vision that can identify myths and values underlying society and can evaluate them from a perspective that transcends the limitations of that society. -William Fore

Resources for Change is available in PDF format. (Please note: The web version of the Resources for Change list is continually updated as new items are added and organizations change contact information. Those updates may not be represented in the PDF version. Current PDF version was created in October, 2014.)

The following list is by no means comprehensive. Many of the organizations listed have their own resource lists and other materials.

You may reproduce this document freely, without alteration and with full credit to Jean Kilbourne, in any quantity you wish.


Adolescents, Children and Parents
Advertising and Corporate Power
Beauty and Body Image
Eating-Related Issues
Gender, Race, & Images in the Media
Government Action and Agencies
Independent Publications
Independent Publications, Especially for Girls and Women
Independent TV, Radio, & Film
Media Advocacy
Media Concentration and Ownership
Media Literacy
Peace and Social Justice
Public Health and Prevention
Recovery from Addictions
Voluntary Simplicity and Responsible Consumption